HJIL State of the Union 2021

On April 1, 2021, the Houston Journal of International Law hosted its annual State of the Union Address for its current members on Boards 44 and 45 as well as its current Advisory Board members. A summary of the event is listed below, along with the slideshow from the event. 

Remarks from Editor-in-Chief Chelsea Klumpp on Executive Board 44's goals for this past year and how they have been executed, including:

  • Adding forewords written by black UHLC students in an effort to uplift their voices and perspectives on issues of international law
  • The recent appointment of Board 45
  • Setting up the framework for an internationally-focused collaborative family law piece to be published by Board 45 with the help of renowned family law expert, UHLC Professor Thomas J. Oldham

Comments by Candidates Editor Haley Kurisky on how the Journal has adapted to being operated 100% virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the:

  • Use of Zoom for social events and official meetings
  • Use of Microsoft Teams for real-time article editing collaboration
  • Creative adaptation by Planning and Communications Editor Christine Sulkis in planning virtual events on how to network in a virtual world and collaborating with other journals at the Law Center to host an event on the recent updates to the Bluebook

The publication status of Volume 43 and highlights from Chief Articles Editor Emily Lucot about:

  • Executive Board 44’s goal to personalize this volume’s authors, who are located around the world; and
  • The growing popularity of the Journal, as seen by the 1,250 submissions the Journal received this year

A deep dive into the inspiration for and drafting of Chief Casenotes & Comments Editor Brooke Bentley's comment, The Inadequacy of International Law to Address Cyber-Attacks in the Age of Election-Meddling, which:

  • Diverse educational backgrounds, including several members with previous graduate degrees in other fields
  • Impressive multi-language proficiencies
  • Extracurricular accomplishments, from music to children’s book authors to award winning teachers and Division I athletes

  • The Journal being cited to in a recent 5th Circuit opinion on seaman status
  • Editor-in-Chief Chelsea Klumpp giving oral arguments before the 5th Circuit in February 2021 in an immigration case
  • The increase in the Journal‘s LinkedIn presence, including a 126% jump in follows in the last few months
  • The reveal of the Journal‘s new and improved website